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For sale! On the beautiful park Village Le Chat in France, this villa is for sale with more than 3.500 m2 ground, an own warmed pool and with the furniture inclusive for just €215.000 k.k.u. For more information: 0031 251 320500. Or send your offer to: Information: House: 200 m2 Living space: 186 m2 Rooms: 4 bedrooms and one livingroom/ kitchen Extra: enough parkingspace and storageroom The surroundings: At the edge of Village Le Chat, which lies in the southwest of France at the border of the Dordogne and the Charente, you can find this beautiful villa with an own shed, warmed pool and an incredible view on the hills of the Charente. If you keep this view is entirely up to you because the ground at the rear side of the house is inclusive with the buying of this house. The villa is big enough for your own family and even for two! Three generations in the same house on a holiday together in southwest France, almost too good to be true. Of course you have the opportunity to rent the villa to other people, Village Le Chat is a popular park where a lot of young and older families come to rest or to explore the area ( On the park you can find two swimming pools, a tennis court, table tennis tables, a soccer field and even a lake with its very own little beach. As if that isn’t enough there is a midget golf course on the park and a real golf course, Golf International de la Preze, on just a few minutes’ walk from the park. This golf course has got an 18-holes course, an 18-holes pitch and an incredible driving range where you will really enjoy taking a few swings. The Charente and the Dordogne have a lot of beautiful villages, towns, caves and castles to visit. Take a canoe trip on the Tardoire of the Charente or a walk in the Dordogne for example. This area is an excellent place for horse riding, mountain biking or cycling. Sometimes even the Tour the France arrives at the city of Angouleme, one of the greater cities in the neighbourhood. The villa: The villa has a practical form, the entrance gives entrée to the central hall or to a fence that leads to the terrace at the back. Both the hall and the terrace give access to the huge living room (50 m2). Due to the windows at three sides of the living room there is a lot of daylight that enters the house. From the terrace, the garden, the pool or the living room you are able to see the beautiful hills of the Charente. The living room and the kitchen are emerged, the only thing that separates it are the sink and the dining table. The kitchen, dining table and the terrace are big enough to eat with just two or even with entire families varying six to eight people. The villa has only one floor, when you access the house the just described living room is on the right hand side, on the left side there is a long hall with an master bedroom with an own bathroom and further down the hall three more bedrooms and an second bathroom. Totally there is room for 8 people to sleep in the bedrooms (four single-person beds and two doubles) In the garden you can find an great verity of trees, bushes and grasses where you can just lie down, read a book, play with pets of children or build tree-houses.
Rue de Narcisse 251 16220 Ecuras, Frankrijk
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